Who we are

African Policy Initiative is a non-profit organisation, made up of a group of African researchers based in Berlin, Germany. The forum utilises a public platform to present insightful discussions on Africa to audiences in Germany, Africa and around the world. It commenced its activities in February 2018. 

The Mission

The goal of the initiative is to adopt a bottom-up approach to dealing with challenges facing the continent. To advocate for the use of African expertise to solve African problems. With social media as our platform, we seek to share and receive information among actors and connect billions of African voices not just within the continent but around the globe.

The Vision

Realising the full potential of Africa by employing African expertise to solve African problems. To be the first renowned African research-policy institution which bridges the gap between African Diaspora and Africa to drive growth and development, thereby making Africa a formidable force in the world stage.

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About Us

Dr Oheneba Boateng

Dr Oheneba Boateng is a historian and political scientist who wants to see African countries integrate. He is based at Berlin think tank Global Public Policy Institute from where he provides research and consultancy services on humanitarian action and African integration to governments and international organisations. With the African Policy Initiative, Oheneba has joined with like-minded African researchers and professionals to bridge the gap between African research and policy, durable solutions to some of Africa’s challenges.

Dr Lynda Iroulo

Dr Lynda Chinenye Iroulo is a research fellow at the GIGA Institute of African Affairs. She is currently working on the project “Sources and Consequences of Legitimation Strategies of Regional Organisations” (LegRO). Her research focuses on the design of international and regional organisations, African regional integration, and Africa in global politics. She was part of the Global Governance unit at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) from 2015 to 2019. She is an African-Nigerian who seeks to encourage the integration of research in decision-making on the African continent. In this regard, she has participated in some civil society and AU-APRM methodology meetings.

Dr Ubong Simon

Dr Ubong Simon is an analytical policy professional familiar with reviewing regulations, legislation, and policies. He received his Doctorate of Philosophy from the Freie Universität Berlin and is a Research Associate at the Environmental Policy Research Centre with FU. Currently his work explores how networks influence policies, policy instrument, and comparative energy and environmental policy.

Wadzanai Motsi-Khatai

Wadzanai holds a BA in International Relations from Grinnell College and is currently pursuing her Master in Public Administration at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Wadzanai has over 5 years of experience working with government, international non-profit organisations, as well as community organisations. Her diverse professional experience includes working with the Government of Zimbabwe to develop national strategies for HIV testing, and treatment for children, working with young political activists in Tunisia, Egypt, Ghana, the Czech Republic and Cambodia, as well as building a community for a circular economy in Berlin, Germany. Wadzanai currently works as the Communications and PR Manager at the Center for Intersectional Justice in Berlin. She is committed to building a more inclusive, mindful and socially just world and collaborating with communities to create new models for living and working together.